Fun Off The Track

Wise Lass ('Sue') always liked to pull her weight and help (some would say 'hinder') us when it came to feeding time.

There is often something to laugh about at the Tony Parker Racing Stables. This page is dedicated to photos capturing some of the more light-hearted aspects of life at the Parker's.



Games in the Yard

Sir Benjamin (also known as 'Bennie'), who was once part of our stable, with a race record of 24-1-4-5, shows there was plenty to amuse him every day at the Tony Parker Racing Stables.

As part of his belief that the space between a horse's ears must be in the ‘right place’ for a horse to be race competitive, Tony Parker provides plenty of toys such as balls, wobble boards and bells when each horse is boxed or in the yard, to ensure that the horse's mind is always occupied. Not only is this fun for the horses but also often provides a laugh for all of us at Tony Parker Racing. These photos show just some of what goes on.

I'm The Goodes (also known as 'AJ') taking possession of his ball. When 'AJ' was racing with us, he had racing statistics of 15-1-5-1.
I'm The Goodes ('AJ') ready to throw another ball.
As well as balls, there are cones!
Sir Nemo (Nemo), whose race stats were 34-3-2-6, with his 2014 Christmas present.
It definitely kept him amused!

Residents at Parker Stables

Ginger the cat is always on watch to keep the mouse population down.
Ginger also steps up security during the Spring Racing Carnival!
Some residents of the Parker Racing Stables know how to look after themselves, even when it isn't quite feeding time. (Peking Duck anyone?)
In late 2013, new resident Buddy (almost as big as a pony) joined the Parkers' security team, straight from the pound.
We also have another guard dog, English bull mastiff Diego, who weighed 68 kg at just 2 years of age.

Pee Wee the Pony

Pee Wee the pony is a permanent resident of the Tony Parker Racing stables. Pee Wee was purchased in 2007 when Command Prince (race stats: 38-7-3-2; $142,095) went to the races and the pony filled the role of the thoroughbred's float buddy when he won five races in a row, at Geelong, Ballarat (twice), Bendigo and Caulfield, between May 2008 and August 2008.

The tiny gelding is a great lawnmower and helps to keep the property in order. He is always invaluable as a companion on long float trips to the races as well as keeping any of our horses company if they are left at home alone. Pee Wee is a firm favourite with any children who come to visit.


This is Gust who acts as a companion horse on race days and assists as a lead horse when we are working horses on the beach. He is more than twenty years old but doesn't appear to realise it!

Gust is very accustomed to the beach and goes there every day. Tony is able to lead the most nervous of horses into the water with his help. They seem more settled with Gust as their example and soon feel at home at the beach and in the water.

Retired racehorse Mr Million (Race stats: 10-1-2-1) is known as Diesel around the stable and is being trained as a lead horse too.